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About Team Avalaunch...
Avalaunch was started early 2003 by people tired of not having what they needed/wanted as a dashboard. Having developed both XB-FTP and XToolBox along with other tools for the XBOX, we figured we could make a dashboard as well. Well, here it is - not finished but well on it's way. Feel free to use it, just never EVER blame the programmers for problems Avalaunch causes you. (IF it causes any..)     :)


Blazed Programming
lys Programming
The Joker Programming
Devenic Programming
JbOnE Programming
r0wdy Q/A
Snowman Q/A

Team Avalaunch gives the best of thanks to:
Pixel8 Lantus jmel r0rschach TheDaddy SniperKill BrianJ
X-Port Tick Widar Adept Neon Iriez Iretch
RunTime MomDad Xantium |lord| Waffle D-Blood RHK
_4Play_ F|uke Team Assembly Resistance Team X4 Spiral NoCode
Hydraulix deetee Schaap Nuendo CraiZE Blanco bmbr

Special thanks go to:
Microsoft for their awesome product
Complex for the help they have given to us and others
Team Xecuter for working hard to improve the XBOX
Team EvoX for putting XBOX on a new level (back then)
www.xbox-saves.com for the GREAT cooperation !!
xbins and xbox-scene for the dedication they have shown
bmbr for his drive to complete this website
sniperkill for his great AvaVSEvoX website layout and screenshots
puddwakkr for his awesome qwix layout and content